Minnesota Liquor Liability


Bars, liquor stores, taverns, restaurants, hotels, taprooms, cidery’s, brewery’s, & micro brewery’s need Minnesota liquor liability insurance. Any business that involves the manufacturing, distributing, selling or serving of liquor is required to have Minnesota Liquor Liability Insurance. Minnesota Liquor Liability Insurance coverage is excluded from most general liability policies so it must be added as an endorsement to your current insurance or you purchase a separate policy to cover this exposure. Annual pricing for this coverage is based on your liquor sales and if you have a full liquor license or just beer & wine. Our prices start as low as $500.00 per year.

What Does Minnesota Liquor Liability Insurance Cover?

Minnesota liquor liability insurance covers restaurants, bars, nightclubs, taverns and other businesses against liquor related claims filed against them. Claims normally involve the actions of an intoxicated or drunk person that resulted in damages. Law suits can be quite substantial and many Minnesota businesses lack adequate liquor liability insurance protection. One of the most common claims are automobile accidents away from premises.

What Does Minnesota Liquor Liability Insurance Does Not Cover?

Minnesota liquor liability insurance works alongside your other policies, so it wouldn’t cover what your general liability, worker’s compensation or commercial auto would. Most liquor policies exclude expected or intended injury (assault and battery), employer’s liability / worker’s compensation, product liability (other than alcoholic beverages), injured employees or if you didn’t have a Minnesota liquor license.

Let’s Count the Ways to Save on

YOUR Liquor Liability Insurance:

  • Alcohol Server Training. Most carriers require this training to insure you or offer discounts for annual completion of the training.
  • Have a written safe service of alcohol on display at your business.
  • Have regular meeting with all alcohol serving employees to discuss and remind them of the safe service policy.
  • Keep a log book or “Naughty Book” with detailed record of any incidents.
  • Compare multiple companies. Our agency has a dozen companies that will compete for your business!
  • Make sure you reported liquors sales is accurate.
  • A favorable loss history may qualify you for preferred liquor rates.
  • Package your liquor liability & general liability insurance.
  • Use of an age verification system.
  • No liquor citations.
  • Security training programs.
  • Three years of continuous coverage, loss free.

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